Hospital Tour

  • Reception

    Our main reception area offers a comfortable environment to wait for your pet's appointment, treatments or medication preparation. We also sell a wide variety of veterinary diets and treats, supplements, flea and worm medications, ear cleansers, toothpaste and more!

  • Main Treatment Area

    The majority of non surgical procedures are done in our main treatment area. This can include bandage changes, blood draws, surgical prep, nail trims or medication and fluid administration. Our clients are always welcome into the treatment area to be with their pet while procedures are performed, if they like. (Not everyone does!)

  • Exam Rooms

    Our fully equipped exam rooms are designed to be comfortable for you and your pet.

  • Radiology

    Our clinic is equipped with digital x-ray, which uses less radiation than a classic radiograph.

  • Surgical Suite

    Our specialized surgical suite allows us to perform sterile procedures.

Video Tour