Bloodwork Services for Pets

Offering in-house testing including blood, urine analysis, and ear and skin cytology.

Here at Glenview Animal Hospital, we are committed to getting your pet the best diagnostic services. We offer in-house testing where we run several tests and provide same-day results. We offer blood, urine analysis, and ear and skin cytology at our lab. For more comprehensive testing, we work with specialized laboratories in Vancouver, and sometimes samples are sent to a pathology lab in Ontario.

When is bloodwork necessary?

Your veterinarian will recommend bloodwork to learn more about your pet’s health. We can identify deficiencies, organ issues, parasites, and diseases by analyzing your pet's blood chemistry. Here are the instances when a blood test may be recommended for your pet:

1.    Pre-anesthetic testing before a surgical procedure.
2.    Your pet is showing signs of illness.
3.    To learn your pet’s baseline health information. Our team will learn your pet’s normal blood levels.

How can I prepare my pet for a blood test?

When your pet is coming in for bloodwork, it’s important for them to fast for at least 8 hours. We encourage pet owners to withhold food by midnight before their appointment. Eating before a blood test can cause fat droplets in the sample that may interfere with the results.

Are blood tests painful for my pet?

No, the procedure causes very little pain. Your pet will feel a pinch similar to when they get an injection. We are very gentle with pets and work carefully to make our patients comfortable.

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