Hospitalization for Pets

Providing your pet with comfort and frequent monitoring during their stay.

When your pet comes in to see a veterinarian, we perform diagnostics to understand more about their health. In some cases, the veterinarian may decide that your pet needs hospitalization. While we do not offer overnight stays, we can monitor and support your pet during office hours. If your pet requires overnight hospitalization, we may refer them to a hospital nearby.

Hospitalization may be necessary to stabilize pets after surgery or treatment for an emergency. When your pet stays with us, they receive stress-free handling. As animal lovers, we are trained to read your pet’s mood and work carefully to create a stress-free environment. Based on your pet’s condition, the veterinarian will decide the best course of treatment for your pet. Sick pets are usually given fluid therapy, and medications are given intravenously so they can take effect faster. For surgery after-care, our team will ensure your pet isn’t in pain and is comfortable. We provide warm soft blankets to keep them cozy while they are with us. To learn more about hospitalization please call us 250-478-4075.

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